Friday, 23 August 2013

Ottobre Creative Workshop 303

Ottobre 303

The most interesting thing I found out about this pattern is that the fit is pretty much identical to the Ottobre t-shirt I made for myself here. The great thing is that this pattern has three different sleeve options - short, long and singlet, and also, three different necklines, round, scoop and V. I can tell you now that the round neckline, as per my photo above, really doesn't suit me. I would do well by making this in a V-neck next time. Perhaps in a gentler colour than hot pink!

I do think it needs a FBA, but as it is just a t-shirt, I can live with it as it is. I added my usual 7cm to the bottom of this top, but it really didn't need it. Ottobre make their t-shirts a generous length, unlike most other patterns, and certainly ready to wear! I did no adjustment on the sleeve length, as I held it up to my arm and could tell that it would be long enough. It is actually a luxurious length for me. I tend to find that long sleeves are more like 3/4 length on me, whilst these actually reach well past my wrists and onto my hands, with just the right fit, so that they don't get in the way.

SYST13: I used aproximately 9 fat quarters from my stash
Running totals: in = 180, out = 95, total = +85

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Liam is Six

Liam & Skylanders cake 1

It's hard to believe, but Liam turned six last month. He is right into Skylanders at the moment, and loves collecting and playing with the characters that go with the game. For his birthday, I made him two Skylanders cakes. One for the night before, when we celebrated his birthday with a family dinner, and then again on his actual birthday when we were celebrating my 40th.

Skylanders cake 2

One of the things about Liam that I am loving at the moment, is that he is learning to read. I was a real bookworm as a child and constantly had my nose in a book, so I really enjoy seeing his progress. The school Liam attends uses Magic 100 Words to teach reading, and Liam also likes to play Reading Eggs Eggy Words to help practice his words. I am constantly amazed at all the jumps he is making with his reading, and Liam has been getting a new Skylanders character each time his teacher signs off a level at school.

Blowing out candles - Skylanders 1

Liam was thrilled with his cakes and the bonus Skylanders he got with them. He also got a tablet, so he can play his Eggy Words on there, instead of using my phone all the time.

Monday, 19 August 2013



I have just recently tried my first Onion Pattern; "Snitmønster" 2022. I purchased it from Shop Onion, in Denmark, who also provides English translation. Out of curiosity, I plugged the word "Snitmønster" into Google translate and apparently it means "the pattern". I was so excited to get my pattern, I traced the pattern and sewed it all up, except for the hems on the very day it came in the mail. I love this pattern, and plan to make more of these, and eventually the dress version. I would love to make a comfortable, jersey dress that fits me nicely.

I was pleasantly surprised by the fabric. It was in my stash already, and I chose to use it for this "muslin" because I didn't love the fabric. As a muslin, it works quite well, camouflaging the unfavourable seam lines, and I think it is fairly flattering as well, despite my aversion to florally patterns. Perhaps I should revise my feelings on florals?

Onion 2022 - under-bust seamline

Alas, fit is the issue I have with this pattern. I have traced the under bust seam line in the photo above, and you can see it is far too high. It is too small in the bust for me, and therefor needs a FBA done to it. I am not sure how to do it.

Onion 2022 pattern piece

This is what the pattern piece looks like. How would you do it? Any ideas?

SYST13: I used aproximately 10 fat quarters from my stash
Running totals: in = 180, out = 86, total = +94 (woo hoo, under 100 now!)

Saturday, 17 August 2013

The "F" Word

My New Camera!

You might be thinking that the F word is some expletive that refers to my lack of blogging lately.... but actually, I recently turned F-F-F-FFForty......... ah, there, I said it. I am now in my naughty forties.

I had a lovely little party with a few friends. My cake was from the cheesecake shop as I don't think I should have to make my own birthday cake and I was too busy making one for Liam. Liam and I have birthdays really close together, so I stole his birthday to have my party on.


I received some lovely gifts, including vouchers for a local beauty therapist, nice hand cream, alcohol, candles, scarves etc. Of course, some clever people noticed that I could use a Spotlight voucher, and mum got me a sleeve board and a clapper. The best gift of all was from Maxx and the kids - a new camera! So, hopefully, there will be some improvement in my blog photos in the near future, once I figure out how to use it. It's a Sony NEX-5R.


The sleeve board has come in handy already, as I used it whilst putting together Amélie's Music Class Blouse and Skirt.

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