Thursday, 20 May 2010

My Creative Space - Still Knitting...

Almost finished Noah's Jumper. The ball of wool is looking very small, hoping there's enough...

Using Chantell's interchangeable needles that she so kindly loaned me at Sew It Together. Thanks very much Channy, I am totally hooked, I've even already ordered my own wooden set, since I cant use the metal ones long term with my nickel allergy.

Also using some stitch markers that I made myself on Monday night. I think the crimps I used were a little large for the job, but you live and learn. I somehow managed to lose the set that I purchased from Suzanne. I am not sure if I somehow left them on the train (lost property says no) or if the shiny things have been snaffled by the "fairies".

I promise I will be back soon to blog about Sew It Together. It was such an overwhelming experience, I am finding it difficult to put into words - well, less than a million words...

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  1. oh wow, the jumper is beautiful. And I love the markers, although the uncrafty me thought they were earrings! oops

  2. jealous of your knitting ability here! In a friendly jealous way...

  3. it's exactly the right time of year to be knitting ... and the colour is gorgeous. i'm making a baby's scarf in the exact same colour.

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  4. That jumper is going to look just adorable when it is finished. I hope you post a photo with Noah wearing it proudly :)


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