Saturday, 22 May 2010

Sew It Together - Cass' Sample Swap

I was lucky enough to participate in Cass' sample swap during the Saturday Crafting Session at Sew It Together. Just for joining in, Cass gave us all little gifts! Actually, everyone got the moleskin notebooks, even those who didn't join in the swap, how generous is that? Cass must have been very busy stitching those together. We also got lovely pencils and a pendant in a cute envelope that Cass made out of vintage books.

I made these six purses to be swapped for other items.

And this is what I received in return...

A felted fabric flower from Susan of It's the Things that Make You Go Mmmm

A Tissue Case made by Patch Andi  Perfect for this time of year. Did anyone who went to Sew It Together not come home with a cold?

Scrap Basket from Bronwyn of Whippet Good  (that blog name makes me want to sing and dance). I really like the paper doll fabric on the basket.

A pair of Anti-bags (the bags you carry when you do not wish to carry a bag) from Susie of Yarn Planner  - I love the Ikea fabric! The bags are the right size for your mobile phone or iPod and your credit card or some money, so you can carry them when out and about, without having to take your whole hand-bag. You can just clip them onto a belt-loop and away you go!

This really cute needle-case, with perfectly stitched patchwork star on the front, from Bianca of Bianca Jae Makes Stuff. I have already put mine to use - it might be a bit easier to keep away from the kids than a pincushion.

And this lovely fabric covered journal from Renae of Pink Fish, Blue Fish. Renae was kind enough to include some extra fabric and a zipper so we can make a coin purse, as well as some lovely hand cream. I love this Ink & Spindle fabric, so I am really happy with this gift.

I feel really spoilt with all these lovely gifts. It was really nice to meet all the people who made them too. Back with more later...


  1. Very nice! Do your boys get into the pin cushion too? Olly gets it down off the sewing table and starts putting the pins down his nappy! LOL!!!I dread what he will get done to himself when he is allowed to have piercings!

  2. Nice haul- you purses look fantastic

  3. you did really well. thanks for the tips about the comments section. I have finally realised how to reply to comments. yay!!!

  4. Wow - some great scores there. Lucky lucky indeedy.

  5. Hey! So great to meet you! I'm thrilled you like your needle case and have already put it to use xox


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