Friday, 21 May 2010

Sew It Together - Shopping Trip

Image of Fabric being purchased - Amitie

When I signed up for Sew It Together, I signed up for the whole experience - this included the shopping trip. I caught the train to Melbourne and arrived just over an hour before we were due to meet the bus. After a bit of lunch I went back to wait at Citigate Hotel for the rest of the shoppers.

It was Trash that I first approached. I don't even remember what she was doing (knitting? sewing?) but she looked suitably crafty, so I went and said hi and introduced myself. It wasn't long before we were joined by several others and then off on the bus we went. We were all handed a lovely SIT bag with free gifts from the Oz Material Girls.
Image of Fabric being purchased - Amitie

Our first stop was Amitie, where Corrie joined the group (she was staying nearby) and the shopping began. I managed to grab some lovely fabric (at a special discount, just for us!) and then had some lovely afternoon tea that was put on by the ladies at Amitie before jumping on the bus and comparing purchases.

 Fabric purchased from Amitie

Patchwork on Central Park

Our next stop was Patchwork on Central Park, where more fabric was purchased and I picked up some bargain Echino!

Fabric purchased from Patchwork on Central Park

 There was a fabric quiz on the bus, and I won this lovely prize, kindly donated by the Oz Material Girls. 

After a trek across the city, we finally arrived at our last stop; Ink & Spindle. I brought home some lovely hand printed fabric from there.

Ink & Spindle - Entrance

Hand Printed fabric, purchased from Ink & Spindle

to be continued...


  1. It was great fun wasn't it? I was knitting at the start but sewing by the end.

  2. wow maybe it was a good idea that I didnt go, I probably would have spent far too much!

  3. It sounds great , glad you had so much fun !

  4. Sounds like a perfect adventure!

  5. oh i love the fabric you got at amitie, it would go nicely with the quilt i am making!


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