Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A Pretty Dress for Dolly


Dolly has a dress now, so she can go to the party. I hope the birthday girl likes it. The clever lady who designed this pattern made the dress reversible, so she gets two for one.


A little tip, if you are making this doll; When you are cutting out all the arms and legs, if you can copy the arm and leg patterns, so you have two of each, you will only need to lay them out on your doubled fabric once to get your four of each. This really helps when you have a tight fabric layout. (Somebody remind me to order more Doctor's flannel, so I'm ready for the next dolly).


When you sew the dolly's face on, you need to mark the face with a disappearing fabric marker. I love this pen for drawing the face, because it has an eraser on it. So if your mouth is a bit wonky, or your nose not quite right, you can erase it and start again. Of course, test it out on some scrap fabric before you use it on dolly's face, as it would be terrible if it didn't come out.

I'm thinking that Dolly looks a bit cold. Should I make her a coat?


  1. ooo and what pretty dresses she has too! very nice!

  2. She's very pretty in her dress but she DEFINITELY needs a coat. It's chilly out there.

  3. Ooh, too cute! Yep, a coat would be handy for Melbourne! And good tips for wannabe doll makers!

  4. SO CUTE!! You must be very happy with her :)


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