Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Kwik Sew Hoody for Liam


Excuse my blurry photo, but I think the smile is irresistable. That's my handsome Liam in his new hoody that I made for him last Friday. It's one of the items I promised to finish in this post. I did the embroidery a bit earlier, whilst I had a bit of a cleaning frenzy in my sewing room (not that you can tell anymore). We've used it before, but it's the one Liam chose for this top and it's from the Embroidery Library. I have a voucher they sent me for my birthday*, I must remember to go and spend it.


The pattern is from Kwik Sew's Sewing for Children. We've finally moved up from the Toddler book. Now that McCalls have taken over Kwik Sew, I'm wondering if these books will stay, or become a thing of the past? Apparently, the lovely paper patterns that Kwik Sew has are disappearing and being replaced by tissue. What sort of patterns do you prefer, paper or tissue? Do you have a favourite Kwik Sew pattern that you think should be snapped up before it gets switched to tissue paper?

*they do this for everyone, if you have an embroidery machine it is well worth signing up


  1. Kwik sew is just brilliant! My gram used to have a whole heap of their patterns. You did a good job of this hoodie!

  2. He is very handsome indeed. Great hoodie too.

  3. I just purchased online a Kwik Sew pattern, hadn't bought one in a number of years but they're my favorite company. I am a tracer and LOVE the heavy paper patterns with the different colors for different sizes. Imagine my extreme disappointment in finding the cheesy tissue paper now. Leave it to McCalls to ruin KS. How in the heck does one trace flimsy tissue paper?


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