Thursday, 5 July 2012

Warm Winter Coat


Dolly now has a lovely, warm coat for a cold, Melbourne winter. The pattern is from the kinder wardrobe pattern for kinder girls and boys by the lovely Jodie of Ric Rac. I used a built in embroidery pattern on my machine to do the lovely flower edging. I really need to make more use of those patterns. I used some G├╝termann upholstery thread, so it stands out just a little more than it would if I just used normal thread.

You can check back through Dolly's progress here, here and here. Or if you want to see what other people have been doing in their creative spaces this week, you can check that out over here.


  1. She looks great :) Love the heavier thread too, good idea. My machine has a heap of stuff I never use; perhaps I should.

  2. Hey Carmel, love, love love, this coat. Gorgeous colours with the embroidery and a sweet little collar too.
    What a lucky Dolly.......she definitely needs it in this weather.
    I was in Melbourne last weekend and brrrr was it cold.


  3. Very cute! Love the coat, and the dress.

  4. Oh my, you did an amazing job, I love all the detail!

  5. Lovely doll and gorgeous coat- it is great. I'm going to check out the patterns on my machine- it is so effective. Cx

  6. She is just beautiful, and I love the choice of fabric


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