Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Before Sew It Together

I just want to go back a couple of weeks to some things that I did, but never blogged in the mad lead up to Sew It Together. The first thing was the gifts I made for Karen, who was lovely enough to allow me to stay at her house for the SIT weekend.

I made Karen a spec case using some of the Let's Enjoy Britain fabric I bought from the Pepperberry stand at the stitches and craft show. I also made Karen a matching journal cover (with visual diary inside) using some linen, and some Let's Enjoy Britain fabric. I used this tutorial to make the journal cover. My mum also got one of these for Mother's Day. The fabric was perfect for fussy cutting Ferris wheels, Beef Eaters, buses and cups of tea.

I also set the SIT weekend as a deadline for myself, to complete the puff purse I had been planning on making, to match my Teardrop purse. I'm so pleased I did, it's so nice to have a matching set. The Laura Gunn fabric is so beautiful. I really want some of her Poppies range too.

I made the Teardrop purse (the bigger one in the photo) at Nikki's class back in November and December. During the class, Nikki helped me to add a base to the bottom of the bag, and how to some additional structure.

I used some of what I learned in Nikki's class to add additional structure to the puff purse as well.


  1. I love the Lets Enjoy Britain fabric. Do you know anywhere except for Stitches and Craft to get some as I'd love to. Thanks

  2. I love the floral fabric that you used for the puff and the teardrop. I must actually have a go at making those one of these days!

  3. When they have SIT in Canberra you have to come and stay with me if you make presents like that ;)

    Karen's lucky to have such beautiful gifts. I'm so glad you had such a great time together. I am definitely coming to next year's in Sydney!

  4. Aren't I a lucky girl!! I looove these gifts Carmel, I've been happily sketching away in the diary and the glasses case has taken up permanent residence in my new bag from Cass!
    I adore those purses, lovely in every way.

  5. WOW. You have been so busy lately making such gorgeous things... I say again - YOU ARE SO TALENTED!!!

  6. This one looks delicious. Thanks!


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