Thursday, 23 September 2010

I'm actually Quilting!

My mum is attending the ASG convention in Ballarat this week and her overlocker has not been performing it's best, so I told her to borrow mine. Mum was a bit concerned that I would be without an overlocker for a week (?) - so I told her not to worry, I will do some quilting! I've never actually completed a quilt, so a good challenge for me. I decided to finish this quilt.

I used this tutorial to make the quilt sandwich. Elizabeth Hartman has some really great tips and tutorials on her site. I remember using her tutorial to make the Margaret bag, once or twice. She also has a book coming very soon that I think I might like to get my hands on.

Things were going really well until I ran out of thread on Tuesday night, and all the shops around here that sell the colour I needed were closed, or nearly closed. I ran out at 5:15pm and the shop up the road closes at 5pm, Spotlight, 20 minutes away closes at 5:30 and Kmart does in fact sell Guttermann, but only 100m spools in six colours - none of which are yellow.

Yesterday I had an appointment with my OB, and then grocery shopping, so didn't really have much time for quilting, although I did manage to get the necessary thread.... hopefully we will be back on track really soon. My plan is to finish this quilt (including binding) before mum gets back.

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