Monday, 8 November 2010

Linen Wrap Skirt - .Sew What! Skirts


I recently purchased Sew What! Skirts from the Book Depository, with the plan to make myself a wrap skirt or two. The book guides you through making your own patterns and then putting together sixteen different skirts. Since it only cost me $15.58, it was cheaper than many patterns, so totally worthwhile. There is enough information in the book to get you going with most basic styles of skirts, along with some simple ways to make them look a bit fancy. I would recommend this book even to beginners.

I was quite surprised with how quickly I managed to put this skirt together - maybe 2-3 hours? (In between swimming lessons and cooking roast lunches and entertaining guests and general running around after little people and clothes washing and hanging and folding and other house-worky things) but I think I might make a few adjustments to the pattern before I make another - it was a little more roomy than I anticipated. In a very basic linen, I think this skirt will go with quite a few things, along with the butterfly tie-front blouse I made recently.



  1. Sweet little skirt! I have this book, too. It's one of those great sewing books that are great for browsing, like a fun cookbook.

  2. Oh No Carmel I was reading this at 1am this morning and remembered I was supposed to be in touch about skirts - I am so sorry! It's been a little mad here.
    So glad you love the book though - I am still yet to make me anything from it but I love reading it and looking at all the lovely skirts.
    THe wrap looks great- glad to hear it was quick and easy.


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