Sunday, 1 July 2012

Fingers in Pies.....


Jodie says she has so many irons in the fire she could be a blacksmith. Me, I have my fingers in so many pies I could possibly be Little Jack Horner. Starting with a dolly I need to finish before next weekend.


In an effort to head off second-sock-itis, I have started my second tropical fish sock...


Slowly working through my cherry tree swing embroidery...


Trying to keep up with my growing boy and supply him with some long sleeved tee-shirts to keep him warm...


As well as a wind-cheater...


And of all things, a picnic basket make-over.... and I believe I may have promised someone a sashiko tutorial? Busy, busy, busy!

Here's the deal. Let's say I finish at least four of these before I start anything new...

What are you working on? Can you stick to one thing at a time?


  1. It seems your creative energy is working overtime. Well, the happiness derived from being busy is a million times the better reward than the gloominess got from being idle. Hey, what am i saying? Anyway, great work...:)

  2. I can do one machine project and one hand project at a time and I am a finisher. At the moment I have a commitment and pattern to write and its driving me mad as I can only work on that and stop for step by step photo's. I'm very keen to make some clothes for our tropical holiday only 11 days away... Love what you are making too

  3. WOW you are one busy lady. tend to work on one series at a time......4 things on the go but all with paper and pencil at the moment :)

  4. Hi, Carmel, thks for your comment, yes, i've seen The Grudge and i would entirely agree with you that the original jap version is the best!


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