Friday, 2 November 2012

Blogtoberfest Wrap Up


Wow, what a month October was. Whilst I did get behind with a couple of days of Blogtoberfest, over a weekend which was just too busy, I still managed to catch up. I am pretty happy with what I achieved. Let's have a look back at October...


My Snakes and Ladders game quilt appeared in Homespun magazine.


I participated in the Kids' Clothes Week Challenge and managed to make an Oliver + S skirt for Amélie, later hacking the pattern to make her a Chevron Skirt. I also made her a pair of Dortje Pants, and made "Make it Perfect" Snappy Ties for the boys.

Noah & Ty

We welcomed a new Grandson/nephew.

Pencil Roll, Flap closed

I made a pencil roll as a gift for a birthday party Liam attended.

Loose Ends 1

I showed you how to finish off your overlocker threads and found a better way to keep my bobbins tidy. I also showed you how to make some pipe-cleaner Octopuses with your kids.

Beauty Case (open)

I did some pattern testing for Nikki, making a Beauty Case and a USB Key Fob. (I also showed off the Poppet purse, though technically, that was made in September.)


I also did a little pattern testing for Jodie, and introduced Elsie to Amélie who promptly stole her from me and took off her clothes.

Noah's Beanstalks

We did a little gardening and are planning to climb great beanstalks to the sky and meet with ferocious giants, and my mum and I had a fantastic trip to Melbourne, visiting the Polly Pratt pop-up shop in the Olive Grove, Cleggs, Tessuti and the Craft and Sewing Show all in one day.




  1. Phew exactly ! You fitted in way more than month in October.

  2. I'm exhausted just reading about it ;) You accomplished so much Carmel. Time to put your feet up for a well deserved rest!

  3. What a huge month it was for you!!! You really must be a super woman the way you juggle every thing.


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