Saturday, 22 August 2009

Happy Babymoon, Ingrid!

I was lucky recently to be involved in a Cyber-Baby-Shower!

The lovely Cass and Belinda organised a gathering of lovely home-made gifts from Ingrid's friends in the cyber-world, and scheduled the shower for just before the due-date. It turns out that Kitty had other ideas and arrived before the shower.

I made this lovely snuggly wrap for her. There are more pictures of the wrap in this post. Ingrid has also blogged all the lovely gifts she received.

The embroidery is a Sue Box design (Eryn), and is available for free from her website. If you are into machine embroidery, you should try some of Sue's designs, and watch the machine as it sews the designs. The detail and texture is amazing.

Anyway, Ingrid, if you are reading this, enjoy your new little baby girl!


  1. Thank you again, it really is lovely. The embroidery makes it extra special but my favourite part is the binding. It is the perfect finishing touch!
    Kitty will have lots of snuggly time in it when we are out and about.

  2. What a beautiful present. What a shame the Cyber-Baby-Shower didn't happen but I guess the arrival of a healthy baby is a good excuse for having to cancel!

  3. Very nicely made - I made a coupleof these for Austy but never got artound to it with Madelyn - they are perfect in the pram, especially when they still like to be wrapped to sleep. Thanks for the tip on Sue Box - I have heard of her but that was about it - will check it out!


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