Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Thankyou Amy!

This is the lovely fabric parcel I received from Amy of Badskirt. I won this fine assortment in a giveaway that Amy had on her blog. Thankyou so much Amy! There is heaps here for me to play with, I already have a project underway (well, actually, it's almost complete) and have several in mind using these gorgeous fabrics.

I have seen many of these around the internet, I can even name a few...

There is some Saffron Craig; Loveheart flowers (top centre), Sunburst (far left, second from top), not sure of the name but I'd recognise those bobble trees anywhere as Saffron Craig! (top right).

The lovely Lightning Bugs Goldfish by Heather Ross (under the sunburst) - I love that they all have names, so cute and thoughtful!

Mingle (near the middle under the postcard)- reminds me of the Badskirt Hippos!

Trefle Jumping Frogs (diagonally down and to the right of the goldfish)

Rhapsody Tulips (bottom right)

El Anche Joue Baby Chicks (bottom centre)

Puti de Pome (centre - above the chicks, and between the tulips and the frogs)

If anyone can help me name any of the others I would be eternally grateful.


  1. You may have got them all! Rather than look through your list, here's what I see!

    Kokka dinosaurs
    American Jane Building Blocks
    Saffron Craig heart
    Alexander Henry owls
    Saffron Craig fairies

    Saffron Craig sunburst
    small flowers - American Jane Happy Camper(unreleased)
    green plaid - American Jane Happy Camper(unreleased)
    Amy's Kiwi!
    big green flowers - American Jane Happy Camper(unreleased)
    robots - trefle

    heather ross goldfish
    west 22nd/michael miller rockets
    mingle circles in leaf
    michael miller space kids
    trees are from Joann's in the US
    frogs - trefle kokka
    puti de pome - upcoming line sample
    elephants - kokka

    el anche chicks
    tulips - rhapsody

    Hope this helps!

  2. Wow, lucky you. Looks like you have already put some of these beauties to good use.


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