Monday, 10 August 2009

I was going to blog today....

I spent some time yesterday taking pictures of what I was about to put on my blog. This morning, while I was making myself some breakfast, I grabbed the memory card from my camera and popped it in the middle of the table, near my computer. I sat down. I looked. I looked again. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! Where did it go?

I had noticed Liam fiddling around near Maxx's computer, so I went and took a look. I could just see the corner poking out.... of a slightly larger slot for a different kind of memory card. I grabbed a small screwdriver. The card disappeared. Next thing I know, Liam has a screwdriver and is poking around in the slot too. Screwdrivers have safely been put away.

Maxx is okay with me opening up his computer to retrieve my SD card. I am NOT doing it while the kids are awake.

I will be back later (much later, I have three sets of sheets, some blankets and a matress protector to wash and dry) with some super-fantastic pictures to astound and amaze.

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