Tuesday, 29 September 2009

More Fabric Goodness!

I made my first ever international fabric purchase recently from The Fabric Shack. I got some lovely fabrics for the boys, as well as some beautiful fabric for me. If you are looking for specific fabric you can search and compare more than 200 shops by using Quiltshops.com.

Before ordering, you should check out shipping as some shops seem to charge an arm and a leg for it.

Fabric Shack fit 9 yards of fabric into a Flat-rate mailing envelope which (to be honest) is a little over-stuffed. My package was damaged when it got here but the fabric was unharmed.

David Walker, Oh Boy - Vehicles Allover.
Kaufman - Space Cases.

Kauffman Animal Party. The boys are already excited about the dogs on this fabric (Woof! Woof!). I knew they would be. I really like the colours in the turtle one and the spots are pretty cool.

I have been eyeing off this Laura Gunn fabric for ages. I even have a project planned specifically for this fabric. I actually ordered Hanging Cages, but they were all out of it, so they contacted me via email and I was able to choose another fabric. It turns out the spots might actually work for me better. I was excited to find the climbing lantern pods as everyone seemed to be out of it.


  1. Very nice! I ordered some of the Animal Party from the US myself a few weeks ago. I love it. Look forward to seeing what you make :)

  2. I have not ordered form OS as yet, I am worried that once I place my first order I won't be able to stop... Love the boy fabrics, I need some as I only seem to have girl stuff...

  3. Some beautiful fabrics there... I've not ordered from OS either. Not sure why - maybe it is the imperial measurements?!?!

  4. Nothing like topping up the stash to make your day! Now what to do with those beautiful fabics?

  5. Thanks for the heads-up oin the link to quiltshops .com....now off to buy some fabric !
    x PJ x
    ( lovely fabric you purchased )


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