Thursday, 17 September 2009

More New Fabric and a Giveaway!

I received another delivery this morning of lovely Trefle (robots) by Kokka from Retro Mummy.

I have actually ordered the robots for a specific project that I have in mind for Noah. I had been looking all over the place for tiny robots that I saw somewhere else, and then I hear more fabric has come in. Corrie threw in a little extra fabric, some lovely trucks and cars (also Kokka). I am sure I won't have too much trouble finding a use for it in this house!
Retro Mummy also sells patterns. Sometimes she even gives them away! Visit Retro Mummy's blog and leave a comment for your chance to win a free pattern (and a bit of fabric too, I believe).


  1. Gorgeous fabrics. It's so great to see some boyish fabrics starting to appear.

  2. Very nice again Carmel! I have two fat quarters of that robot fabric in the blue colourway - not really sure what for - but it was so cute I couldn't resist!


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