Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Win a Saturday at Sewjourn!

How fantastic would that be? Sewjourn is a sewing retreat in Lancefield, an hour's drive from Melbourne. That makes it three hours drive for me, but if I win, I will find a way to make it work! Anyway, they are having a giveaway. If you are free the last Saturday in January you might like to enter.


  1. Well done - congratulations to you - you are on a winning streak at the moment arent you:)

  2. You "won" how incredibly AMAZING, karma to you my lovely friend, Lancefield is a divine location, I look forward to seeing your blogged entry about it (of course I'm also incredibly jealous *hehehe*) ... It will be an incredibly experience. Mel xox

  3. Sewjourn makes me want to move back to Melbourne! I wish i knew about it when i lived there 3 years ago (was it there then) i would love to go there, i hope you win!


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