Sunday, 20 September 2009

Noah's New Pants

Yesterday I finished some pants I have been working on for Noah. They are from Ottobre 2006/3. Noah has been wearing holes in the knees of all his pants lately, so he was really overdue for some new ones. Now that he is walking, hopefully that should slow down a little.

I really put a lot of effort into finishing these off nicely, but I was a little disappointed that I had my iron set too high and melted the top stitching on one of the pockets. Notice my little "SOL" tag on the bottom of the left cargo pocket?

I managed to find some nice little metallic buttons from a shop near wear I live. I got $5 worth while I was there, I might go back and get some more - I love them. I added them to the back pockets as decoration, as well as to the cargo pockets. I also added some little jeans studs to where the pocket joins the side-seam.

The way that the instructions tell you to add the elastic is horrendous. Since I didn't have any extra hands to be able to stretch elastic whilst holding thread out of the way and guiding seams, after about a third of the way around, I ditched it. I went with threading the elastic through a channel. Much, much easier. If I was doing it again, I would be stitching down the sides of the top part of the front pockets so there were no alternate routes for the elastic.

I tried to take some pictures of Noah wearing the pants but he moves too fast!


  1. Noah's pants look fantastic. You shouldbe very proud, you would never pick them for hand made.

  2. They are fantastic!!!! I'd look at them and say billabong for sure! Love the casual yet modern style! Good job!

  3. WOW they look fantastic. The extra effort is well worth it. Love your little tags too.

  4. Those pants are AWESOME Carmel. The double stitching looks great and the tag is just a bit too cute! Nice work.

  5. Cute pants! The time taken to topstitch is aleays worth it as it gives everything a proffessional zing! Love the tags too.

  6. Brilliant pants!
    The craftmanship that has gone into those is A++++.
    Know what you mean about models moving too fast!

  7. They look great! Pity you couldn't get an action shot - but we all know how difficult it is to get a pic of someone who won't stay still.

  8. Oh these are ace Carmel - I looove the yellow topstitching on them - they look really professional.
    I agree about their method of putting in elastic - talk about making an easy job hard!
    Tags are very sweet too.


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