Monday, 16 April 2012

AQC 2012


I was lucky to attend the Australian Quilt Convention on Saturday with my mum. We traveled to the convention by train. As mum is further away from Melbourne than I am, she got on a couple of stops earlier, and when I boarded the train, the train that is supposed to be an hour earlier was running so late, that I got on that one. When I eventually managed to get in touch with mum and confirm that we were indeed on different trains, I got off, and momentarily panicked because not all trains stop at the station that I got off at. But it was okay.... phew! About ten minutes later we were on the same train, traveling to the same place.

Anyway, I took my camera with me, and carried it around in my bag all day, but I didn't bother taking any photos. Not that there wasn't anything worth taking photos of, but according to the exhibitor list, you weren't supposed to, even though people were. I took photos last year and never blogged them. I didn't take any photos at Tessuti either, nor at Cleggs. Perhaps I just wasn't in a photo-taking mood?

Anyway, I managed to grab myself a copy of A Field Guide to Fabric Design, which I have had on my Fishpond wishlist for ages. I see now that it would have been far cheaper to buy it from Fishpondthan from the Can Do stand, but seeing it there, right in front of me, made it difficult to resist. I also grabbed myself a copy of Mollie Makes from the Ballarat Patchwork stand, that everyone is raving about. It's lovely, but I don't think I will be subscribing or anything... although I am a little bit excited to try out the crocheted flower on the cover. I have some crochet learning hurdles to overcome first though.

I also grabbed myself a couple of variagated Pearl (Perle? Is there a difference or are these the same thing?) cotton balls. Hopefully I will have an update as to what I am doing with those within the week. I have big plans, I hope they work!

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  1. perle vs pearl - international difference.
    embroidery floss vs embroidery thread - the same

    I was entertained one day ready paragraphs on the DMC USA and DMC UK websites. Same text, but subtle vocabulary changes. If you're ever bored, you should try it!


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