Saturday, 7 April 2012

Don't Look Now! I finished my cushion!


I finally finished my cushion from Kellie Wulfsohn's work-shop from oh-so-long-ago.


The free-motion appliqué on this, is actually my first ever attempt at it, and I'm thinking, not so bad. Yes, it is a little wonky in places, and I would like to think my skills have improved a bit since then, but still...


The free-motion quilting is a mixture of early and recent quilting, but it seems to blend okay.


I couldn't remember what I had set aside to bind and back this cushion with, so I dug these out of the stash yesterday. I didn't have a cushion insert, either, so I kind of made one using some sew-in interfacing (which is already splitting in places) and some poly fill I had on hand. I may yet get a proper insert.


It's good to have it finished and out of the UFO basket at last!


  1. So very very brilliant. Big love. Ms. M's birthday dress was made with the material you used for the binding and I've just finished putting together some bunting with the material you used on the back... so SNAP!

  2. It looks great - well done

  3. Wow... it looks really beautiful! Love the free motion quilting! ha ha ha I have a masssive UFO basket too :)


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