Thursday, 26 April 2012

Kid's Clothes Week - Day 3


As well as pulling zipper teeth yesterday, I was busy working on these jeans for Liam. The cut-out jeans have been sitting in my UFO pile for months, I really hope they will be big enough! I am hoping to get them finished today. I think all the tricky bits are done.


I have been well and truly exceeding my "at least one hour a day" working on kids clothes, as part of the  KCWC , but I have been getting a lot done. It's good to be able to focus on one area at a time. Perhaps I should pencil into my calendar some of my own week-long focus challenges? Like perhaps a "clothes for me" week?

I am still working on this  (it's the same denim as the jeans)


and this


...and will report back later when these are complete!  

If you would like to see what some other crafty people are up to this week, pop on over to Our Creative Spaces and click away.


  1. Carmel everything you make looks so professional - the top-stitching on these jeans is amazing.
    After all your work I hope they fit too!

  2. Those jeans look great! Loving that top stitching! I totally agree with having a sewing "me" week...I've been thinking about it too :)


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