Thursday, 9 April 2009

Hot Wheels PJs

Liam is the proud owner of a new pair of Hot Wheels pajamas. I made one of my nephews a pair of these last year, there were enough leftovers for Liam, but I've only just got around to making them.

I reckon Noah will be wearing them by the end of winter.

A couple of things I did differently. I read on someone's blog ages ago a tip for joining elastic. You butt the two ends up against each other and then sew them to a piece of ribbon. This reduces all the extra bulk where the elastic joins. I was also recently reading the sewing thread on Essential Baby, and another member was discussing how she "Dad proofed" pants by using a piece of ribbon to indicate the back. I know its not a new idea, my mum used to do the same, but it got me thinking. I have decided to combine both ideas, and came up with this: Elastic joined by a piece of ribbon that also identifies the back of the pajamas!

I have a pair of Thomas the Tank Engine pajamas cut out ready to make. I must get onto that....


  1. Don't you just love cuddling small kids in winter PJ's - so snuggly!
    Congrats on the 'hat win' on the patern review site too, well done.


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