Monday, 27 April 2009

Rockets and Pockets

The other day I went looking for a jumper for Liam. He had to settle for something that was a little short. The jacket he ended up wearing was fine only a few weeks ago. He is growing very fast.

I went to Spotlight to find some windcheating or polar fleece to make Liam some jackets. While I was there, I found this polar fleece with rockets and spaceships all over it.

The pattern is once again trusty old Kwik Sew - Sewing For Toddlers. With a few modifications. They have instructions to add a zip. They also have instructions to add a hood. They don't have instructions for both. I figured it out though. The big chunky zipper was a bit fiddly with my machine. Even with a zipper foot, the part where it attaches gets in the way.

When I was cutting out, I noticed that I had cut out the front panels upside down. I had heaps of extra fabric, so I cut some new ones. It wasn't until I was taking photos that I noticed that the back panel is also upside down. Oh well.

The jacket also has a kangaroo pocket. Well, actually, there are two pockets. They are currently being put to good use as a storage facility for matchbox cars and Thomas Tank Engines.


  1. Looks great! Liam is very cute indeed.

  2. Oh it's lovely. That fabric is just too cute :)

  3. Gorgeous jacket. Liam suits blue very much.

  4. Liam looks very snazzy in his new jumper, you can't even tell that the fabric print is up side down.


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