Saturday, 9 May 2009

Airplane T-shirt

I made a t-shirt for one of my nephews for Christmas using this stencil. The picture is freely available from the Ottobre web-site. My nephews got Ottobre t-shirts, but for Liam I used my trusty Kwik Sew Sewing for Toddlers pattern.

I did a different type of neck finish this time. I sewed the right sides of the t-shirt and the ribbing together, folded it over towards the back, pinned and topstitched with twin needles. Then cut the excess fabric away from the back. For the neckband, I used the same fabric type in a different colour, so the length is 3/4 the circumference on the t-shirt. If I was doing it with ribbing I would probably do 2/3, depending on how stretchy the ribbing is.

I did the sleeve ends and the bottom hem the same way I did the hem on the solitary giraffe t-shirt and the number two t-shirt. Only thing is, you know how I have been adding to the bottom of my t-shirts and the sleeves because of the cuffs that are on the original pattern? Well, I need to be taking the extra (or at least some of it) back off as I am technically adding cuffs. I looked at a couple of t-shirts, thinking they looked longer, but it wasn't until I did this one and saw that the sleeves actually were longer that I realised what I was doing. So I have to go back and re-do the sleeve edges on this one. After it comes back out of the wash.

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