Monday, 18 May 2009

Robot Jacket

I made this jacket for Liam out of some beautiful red polar fleece that I got from Spotlight.

I have lined it with the robot print interlock that I also got from Spotlight. I got some of this before Christmas, and loved it so much I went back and got some more.

I used the Kwik Sew - Sewing For Toddlers book to make this jacket up, although I did a lot of alterations.

I made up two hoods, and joined them along the face edge, facing each other, flipped them out to the right side and top stitched along the edge. I then left the bottom edge open.

Instead of making a facing for the jacket, I cut out entire front panels to face the inside. When I sewed the raglan edge to the sleeve, I left the lining part loose. I attached the hood as per the instructions in the book, but with the front facing folded back over the hood - sort of like when you put the collar on the pajamas. After the hood was attached I stitched the raglan edge of the facing to the already joined raglan edge between the front and the sleeve.

I also added a facing to the bottom edge of the sleeve after I chopped some off (to avoid exxxxtra loooong sleeves, lol!) The sleeve was fiddly, I sort of sewed up the inside of the sleeve, as well as the facing, folded the facing back and then top-stitched the facing down. It was trickier than usual, being so far up the inside of the sleeve.

Anyway, I am really happy with the way this jacket turned out.


  1. You're so clever doing all those alterations!
    Great jacket - I am a fan of red/navy combinations and I love that robot fabric.

  2. Love the jacket and the fabrics too. I remember seeing that robot print somewhere before but couldn't remember where!

  3. I love it! very cute model too.

  4. I used the robot fabric to embellish Liam's long sleeve t-shirt with the number 2 - here

  5. That looks lovely and warm!


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