Friday, 3 July 2009

Robot Manufacture

Okay, this is my first robot. There are a few things that need a little tweaking, and as I was watching the machine sew this litte guy, I could see ways to improve him.

I could use a couple of undisturbed hours to play some more and I think I will have him to a standard that I am happy with.

As you can imagine, undisturbed hours are in short supply around here.

Liam (almost 2) has just had the side of his cot removed as he is climbing in and out. He is really good at climbing in. Noah is in a matching cot with sides still on. Liam keeps climbing into Noah's cot. Alas, Liam is not as good at climbing out. Especially when he knows that mum is coming and time is of the essence. Hopefully we will avoid serious injury.

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