Saturday, 11 July 2009

EB Bag Swap - My Bag Revealed!

For the Essential Baby Bag Swap, I was paired up with Kelly from Western Australia. I decided to do Nicole Mallalieu's Day Bag. The shape of the bag is rectangular, but Nicole includes instructions to bring in the sides to give it this shape.

I did so many things with this bag that I have never done before. I used interfacing and wadding to give my bag structure. I used an extra layer of interfacing to the centre panel of the bag, as it wasn't as heavy as the denim side panels.

To make my bag a bit more unique, I used my Janome 350e to embroider the side panels of the bag.

I attached the handles using O-rings and eyelets using this tutorial. Nicole has just done a new video tutorial for eyelets as well.

I also used this tutorial to insert magnetic clasps. I didn't put my clasp in the recommended place on this bag, I inserted mine beneath the strap that holds the large O-ring on the front of the bag. I decided to do this after I had attached the lining, but before I had stitched it closed. This made the insertion of the clasp quite fiddly. When I make this bag again, I will be inserting the clasp before I insert the lining. Something that I did do that I think was a good idea was I actually added the handle straps last, after everything else was put together. I think they would have gotten in my way otherwise. I still managed to sew something to a strap that I didn't mean to at one point.

Nicole includes instructions to insert a zippered pocket to the bag, but I actually used this tutorial from U-handblog to insert a zippered pocket. Please excuse my blurry photography, I also made this label for the inside of my bag using this tutorial from Pepperberry. I also added to the other side of the inside of my bag a mobile phone pocket, as well as a simple pocket that can be used perhaps for a notebook?

It actually fits my Palm Pilot, so Kelly, if you are reading this, and you have one of those, that's where it goes. I didn't use any tutorials to make this pocket, but I kind of copied the pocket from one that I saw inside another purchased bag.

I used this tutorial to insert a hard base in the bottom of my bag, and I added purse feet to protect the bag base. Nicole Has just done a new video tutorial for purse feet.

I had lots of fun making this bag, and it was really hard to post it, but I told myself that I can always make one for me some other time.... I really hope Kelly likes it!


  1. what a great bag! And the machine embroidery makes it very special. Susan

  2. I think this one is very special. I like the personal touches.
    Thanks for all those tute links too - sure some will come in handy.
    Do you think the N.M pattern was a worthwhile investment?

  3. I definitely do think that the Day bag Pattern was a worthwhile investment.

    Nicole mentioned on her blog though that she is updating the pattern, so if you are thinking about buying it, it may pay to wait a little bit. I’m sure it won’t be too long. The tutorials were really helpful, but when you order patterns and some other stuff from Nicole, she sends tutorials with them, some of them are more detailed than the freebie ones you get on-line.

    You get so much more than a pattern when you order from Nicole Mallalieu.

  4. I agree...this bag is very special. Well done. It's fantastic. A lot time and effort has gone into this and it shows. Well done. Love it.

  5. What a stunner! You've really done a fantastic job, and I love that you've used it as a base to really explore lots of new things. Thanks so much for the links and the positive feedback.

  6. You have done an amazing job with the bag. I think it looks awesome!


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