Sunday, 27 December 2009

A Well Received Christmas Gift

I spent a few late nights in the lead up to Christmas working on this hat for my partner, Maxx.

He loves his new red fedora (I know, it looks pink in the picture, but it is actually red.) The pattern is from Nicole Mallalieu, and the fabric I bought the last of what was on the roll from Brunswick fabrics.

It was kind of fun sneaking around to finish this on time. The kids weren't playing along very well and most afternoons, one or both of them were avoiding their naps. So it was off to the sewing room, where I worked on other things until Maxx went to bed, and then switched over to his hat once the coast was clear. There was much cleaning away of scraps, and another project was started in similar fabric to cover my tracks.

I finally finished the hat at 5:30 pm on Christmas Eve. I still need to add a hatband, but it will happen in good time.


  1. OMG I need me one of those! Is it crazy that I had NO IDEA one could actually sew a fedora....?!

    It's beautiful!!!!

  2. Wonderfully funky!
    Clever you... and sneaky you too!
    Hope you and your mob had a fabulously fun festive friday :)

  3. Great hat! And you did so well finishing it in time!

  4. Hey - bonus points to you. Sewing for grown up males is tricky. The hat looks awesome and it sounds like some impressive stealth sewing you got up to!

    PS... hope you guys had a fun christmas with a bit of relaxing for mum in there too. xxx


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