Sunday, 6 December 2009

Sunday Stash

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I bought the top half of this from GJ's who currently have a sale on, I think it ends Monday or Tuesday, so if you want to save, you should get in fast! I was a bit early for the sale, but saw this fabric when I visited there a couple of weeks ago, and as I have been wanting this stuff for ages, I had to get some.

I then made a plan, which meant (as any good sewing plan does) that I would need to get some more fabric. I was very lucky to get in on the Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving) sale and bought the bottom three from The Quilter's Studio. I must say, I was very impressed with their service. I ordered my fabric on Saturday morning (still Friday over there) and it was here Thursday!! I got 4.5 yards, which actually measured closer to 4.5 metres, and including postage, it cost me $50 altogether. It would have cost me around $100 to buy it here (that's if I could find it!).

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  1. Wow, wow, wow - I love Cogsmo! Lucky you to have some in your hot little hands and can't wait to see what it becomes.

  2. What gorgeous material, I'm having some serious envy here! Look forward to see what it evolves into!

  3. Those fabrics made me drool! Some nice buying Carmel. Now tell us about that plan!

  4. Ooooh how lovely is that pile! I've been trying so so hard not to do any online fabric shopping but when I see things like this, its really hard to resist.

  5. Love the look of that stash, wish it was my stash!

  6. OMG!!!!!
    I have been using this pattern from cosmo cricket (papers) I just HAVE to get some of that fabric!!!!!
    Turning green here!!!LOL

  7. Oooh, lots of lovely fabric there! I'll bet it will be hard to cut, that is always a problem I have! :)


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