Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Rocket Hat

When taking pictures of small children wearing hats, I have found it is best to let go of any plans you might have, or ideas about poses. Just take lots and lots of photos, and hopefully you might get a handful that have both a child and a hat in them and are in focus. Giving the child a piece of fruit also seems to help.

This is the hat that I made at Sewjourn on Sunday. I didn't do the whole thing there, as I didn't fancy taking my entire sewing room with me. I had the embroidery done and the interfacing was bonded and the parts all cut out. I also made up a length of binding.

The embroidery is from a set called Space Cadets that I purchased from Embroidery Library. The fabric is Kokka - this one has astronauts and rockets on it, and I purchased it from This And That From Japan (along with another piece) using my $25 voucher that I won from True Up. The pattern (of course) is Nicole Mallalieu's Kids Hats pattern. I used pinwale cord that I purchased from Spotlight.


  1. That's OUT OF THIS WORLD! (Love it!)

  2. Love the fabric Carmel... the astronauts and the cord - great combo. And the emboridery is perfect.

  3. Carmel you have such lovely taste. Beautiful fabrics and choices of motif. Your boys are so lucky to have such a talented and devoted mother.


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