Thursday, 4 February 2010

Retro Rocket Tee


I made this t-shirt for Liam today. I used the "Octopus" t-shirt pattern from Ottobre 3/2008. I have made heaps of things from that particular magazine. I was a little unsure about the red for the neckband and cuffs, but I'm glad I went for red instead of safe, boring, reliable (and easily stained) white. The rocket is from the same set of embroidery designs as from Liam's hat from yesterday's blog post.

Actually, I did the embroidery last night whilst checking out other people's blogs, but I put together the rest of the t-shirt today, I even traced the pattern. The embroidery design reminds me of the Michael Miller Space Kids fabric.


  1. It was the red contrasting bands that really caught my eye with your rocket tee ... I loved the embroidered rocket, it is very funky, definitely a tee for zooming around in :) What else can I say, brilliant!

  2. The red is perfect Carmel - love it, it really sets off the motif.
    And you're right that little rocket guy is very like the Michael Miller ones.

  3. Too cool for skool!
    Love the colour combo & the motif. It works really really well together.


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