Saturday, 1 May 2010

Six Purses

Six Purses, ready for the Sew It Together swap! I think that makes 11 of these 90mm purses I have made from Nikki's pattern now.

The one at the front is my favourite, I love the "Let's Enjoy Britain"  fabric. I got a couple of little bonus pieces thrown in from Retro Mummy when I ordered some fabric. I have some more, I might have to make another one, since I am giving this one away. Here is the other side, I had to make sure there was a ferris wheel on it somewhere!

I love  the sunny yellow lining on this purse.

This also means that I completed the "My Favourite" challenge for April - Make something lined.


  1. WOW!!! Beautiful purses. You really are so talented.

  2. DOn't they all look sweet in a little group? You must know the purse-making process by heart now. :)

  3. Oh these are adorable!
    Now a message to Cass - put me in this group!!!! Please!!!
    You put me to shame Carmel - I haven't even started making mine yet.

  4. How sweet!
    Your swapees are going to love them.

  5. I love them! I am sure the recipients will love them too.

  6. I want in this group too!!!

    I am planning a trip to London. I need that purse for my pence.....

    Awesome job, well done!


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