Thursday, 6 May 2010

Liams New Shirt!

I completed this yesterday, and Liam wore it grocery shopping today. Liam actually watched me sew some of it, he seems very interested in the whole process - I showed him where all the bits were going to go when it was finished (this is a sleeve, and it goes here on your arms, etc. etc.). Anyway, we had a bit of a hiccup last night when I let him try it on. He didn't want to take it off, and he refused to put his pajama top back on. There might have even been a tantrum.

Here's a picture where you can see the shirt really well, but Liam is poking out his tongue. In the first picture you can see Liam looks really good, but you can't see details like the pearl snaps.

The pattern I used was Ottobre 1/2008, number 21 which is known as the "Jerry" shirt. I used pearl snaps, and applied them with my snap press which was way quicker and much more fun than making buttonholes or applying snaps with a hammer.

Here's another picture where you can't really see Liam or the shirt very well, but it would have been a good pose, if he had just stood still.

Hey Mum, Noah's biting me!



  1. Love it. And we get it all. Great shirty detail and a good look at the little cheeky chops monster!

  2. very nice! I still have a shirt for oliver sitting in my sewing room 99% finished from last year!

  3. Aww how cute (especially the tongue poking photo).
    The pearly snaps set it off perfectly!

  4. Very cool. I wouldn't have thought to use pearl snaps on a shirt, but I like it.

  5. This is great Carmel - I love the snaps you used, he's so cute!!!

  6. The shirt looks great! I love those pearl snaps. I now remember that my sister bought me some pearl snaps ages ago, one of those you hammer it in.

  7. Just adorable, both the shirt and Liam!! I really must make myself tackle some new shirts for the boys, I just wish I didn't struggle so much with attaching the collars

  8. Oh Carmel you are so gifted! That shirt is way ace. Way way way ace. Love it. The pearl snaps are the winner - really makes it a million dollar shirt and worthy of that million dollar smile and those million dollar eyes of your uber handsome boy.

  9. Great job! That shirt is totally cute for a little boy! :)


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