Thursday, 21 July 2011

My Creative Space - Happy Birthday to Me!!


Look what I got for my birthday from my clever, clever man! This wonderful screen-printing set arrived in my creative space recently, and today, I finally had a bit of a play with it.

So far I have discovered that inkjet transparencies have a right side and a wrong side, and my printer has a transparency setting. I am still playing around with getting the exposure right when making the screen, so no actual screen-printing yet, but I will definitely be back to let you know when I do.

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  1. What a great present! I look fwd to seeing your screen printing results : )

  2. Oooh great present - looking forward to seeing what you get up to with this.
    Love the new blog layout too Carmel.

  3. THat's a fantastic present. I recommend using contact for stencils too. Have a wonderful time!

  4. I love the new blog layout! What a great present. Why doesn't my husband ever think of presents like that.

  5. What a fantastic present... screen printing is just too much fun... enjoy :)

  6. ooohhh, waiting with baited breath to see what you get up to.

  7. OMG - that is THE MOST AWESOME GIFT EVER!!!!!!!! Happy birthday to you indeed!


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