Thursday, 28 July 2011

My Creative Space - Amélie's Jeans


These jeans once belonged to Noah. Before that, they belonged to one of Liam's friends. I am grateful for hand-me-downs. It is both economically and environmentally friendly. These ones look a bit past it though. Noah was crawling when he was wearing these. They came to us in good condition, but now they are completely trashed....


... they weren't particularly girlie either, so I've patched and girlified these jeans today. I had to unpick the in-seams and to do that I had to undo the hem. The difference in the colour of the jeans is because of the difference in light between this morning and this afternoon. I promise, they are the same jeans.


Luckily there is a Gutermann top-stitching thread that matches these jeans and I happened to have it in my stash. I used Kellie's pattern Pretty 'n Pink for the appliqué design.


Oh, and Amélie is just over six months old now, and she can sit up by herself!


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  1. They look great:) Well done - Live on handmedown jeans are the best:)

  2. Wow they're so adorable and you can't even tell they were hand me downs!

  3. Oh my goodness they are adorable. Got to love hand me downs. Ella had some skinny jeans that Harry now wears.

  4. is that seriously Amelie? I think I need to visit again (or you can visit me)- she is growing up so quick! love your work on the jeans too

  5. They are adorable, as is Miss Amelie!

  6. Wow they are super cool - you have given me some ideas! Thanks for sharing!


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