Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sashiko Satchel


I originally started this bag, back in April. Firstly, I did all the Sashiko Stitching after purchasing some variagated perle cotton at the AQC. I then had all the bits cut out ready for a Nicole Mallalieu workshop I attended with the ASG the following weekend.


Really, all I achieved at the workshop was getting the base done, and the purse feet on the bottom.


And then it sat there, doing nothing for weeks, whilst seeminly more important things were completed instead.


On Friday, I decided enough was enough, and I finally got this bag finished yesterday, just before dinner.


You can see above, that I over-came my issue with the zipper foot and the magnetic snap from yesterday. I ended up ditching the zipper foot altogether, used my regular foot and shifted my needle as far left as it would go. The regular foot offered more stability, and I really feel that the needle should be within coo-ee of a foot, otherwise what is the point of having a foot there at all? Janome really need to look at the design of their standard zipper foot a bit more closely. I struggle a bit with zips at times, because you need to raise the presser foot to full height to get the zipper head under the foot, and it won't stay at full height, it needs to be held there. This means you need one hand for the lever, one for moving the zipper head, and another for holding the fabric, so that you can pull that zipper head. That's one more hand than what I have! Ugh!


I went with an adjustable strap, so that it can be worn across the body or neatly tucked up under the arm.


I really like the simple style of this bag. The pattern is Nicole Mallalieu's Large Tote & Satchel. I just used some of the dark denim from my stash, the same denim I used for my skirt, Liam's jeans and my Wren City Bag. The flap is the perfect canvas for any art-work you want, to make your bag stand out from the crowd.

*This Sashiko Satchel is available for sale in my shop.

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  1. It's gorgeous, the stitching is lovely and I am so jealous that you got to do a NM workshop. One day I will to hopefully.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Love the stitching and attention to detail......I bet you are happy you got it finished :)

  3. Looks great! What is the finished size?

  4. I have been looking at Sashiko lately but wondering what would do with the finished product. I really love this - you've inspired me!

  5. Great to see the finished bag. It's fab and I LOVE that shashiko!

    You were so far ahead of the pack in the workshop I felt bad that you couldn't take home more from te day. (But at the same time, I thank you for proving to me that my patterns work as a self-paced bag-making course!)

  6. Love it ~ the colours and the stitching are lovely!

  7. Love the variegated sashiko!

  8. Fantabulous. I love it I love it I love it. Denim + stitches = I'm in love.

  9. The circles look fab!! Is there an instruction book to learn this method as I think it would look great on a plain skirt.

  10. The circles look fab!! Is there an instruction book to learn this method as I think would look great on a plain skirt.

  11. Hi Carmel,
    I'm re-doing post(not sure if last one went through). Love the design, can you do a tute on the circles, I would love to jazz up a plain skirt I've made!!

  12. This is a great bag, i love the circle stitching & strap too. Congratulations, love Posie

  13. That bag is lovely - the circles really jazz up the whole design.

  14. What a beautiful and beautifully made bag! I just love your sashiko stitching!

  15. Very pretty, I can see this style of stitching appearing on Miss E's clothing very soon!


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