Friday, 23 August 2013

Ottobre Creative Workshop 303

Ottobre 303

The most interesting thing I found out about this pattern is that the fit is pretty much identical to the Ottobre t-shirt I made for myself here. The great thing is that this pattern has three different sleeve options - short, long and singlet, and also, three different necklines, round, scoop and V. I can tell you now that the round neckline, as per my photo above, really doesn't suit me. I would do well by making this in a V-neck next time. Perhaps in a gentler colour than hot pink!

I do think it needs a FBA, but as it is just a t-shirt, I can live with it as it is. I added my usual 7cm to the bottom of this top, but it really didn't need it. Ottobre make their t-shirts a generous length, unlike most other patterns, and certainly ready to wear! I did no adjustment on the sleeve length, as I held it up to my arm and could tell that it would be long enough. It is actually a luxurious length for me. I tend to find that long sleeves are more like 3/4 length on me, whilst these actually reach well past my wrists and onto my hands, with just the right fit, so that they don't get in the way.

SYST13: I used aproximately 9 fat quarters from my stash
Running totals: in = 180, out = 95, total = +85

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  1. Ok... maybe it is the baby brain but I've been sitting here trying to work out FBA for a couple of minutes now - help me out?

    Yep. I think V neck would be better but I don't actually think the colour is that wrong. What were you thinking when you bought it though? It is vibrant and will be good for layering and perking yourself up on a miserable winter's day.


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