Saturday, 29 March 2014

Another Shirred Dress

Amélie Shirred Dress

One of my favourite things to make for Amélie is a shirred dress. They are relatively quick and easy to make, and fit for a long time. A couple of her older ones have been worn as tops as they got too small to be dresses anymore.

Shirred dress - full length

You don't need a pattern, just a rectangle of fabric. There is very little wastage as I use the whole width of the fabric and just square it up. This particular dress was extra thrifty as I purchased the fabric (poly-cotton) which was already cheap, on sale and I used (Spotlight) vouchers as well.

Do you have any easy things that you like to make over and over for your kids? Particularly pattern-free things?


  1. That is a really cute dress. But how did that little girl get to be so big already?!

    1. Oh, I know, Vireya. She is growing way, way too fast! When I was writing this post, I went back and had a look at this one: She has grown so much since then, but it seemed like only minutes ago.


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