Sunday, 11 October 2009


I've gotten a bit behind with my Blogtoberfest Blogging. Things went a little haywire when we took an unplanned trip interstate to attend a funeral. We left Thursday and arrived back yesterday afternoon. I'm almost all caught up now and thought I would do a little mish-mash of a post.

First of all, here is a picture of Noah wearing his Ottobre outfit...

This is what we did today. The original plan was to do it yesterday, but it is done now and next weekend will involve getting rid of it. It had to be done as it was touching the line that brings power to our house. The tree was looking a bit shabby, as it was trying to grow beneath an elm tree, so was a bit bare on one side anyway. It looks very different both from the house and the street, I am glad we did the curtains first!

Also, I never took photos of the bibs that Sarah won in my giveaway. I ended up sending two bibs, I was feeling a little generous. Sarah has blogged one of the bibs here.

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