Wednesday, 14 October 2009


I was going to skip blogging tonight. I spent a little time sewing instead. I was all set to go to bed when I heard an email arrive in my inbox....

I want to see the whiteboard list - so I can be reassured I am not the only craft mad person in the world!!
Go on - post about it!


Haha - here it is! Just for you, Karen. In all it's messy glory! (And sideways too, for some reason, the photo won't rotate - imagine it rotated clockwise 90 degrees) See the bit up the top right? That used to be a shopping list, I haven't wiped it off yet. Oh, and you've gotta love the red whiteboard marker.... The list over to the right, down the bottom is Ottobre Patterns that interest me, mostly pants for little boys. The list above that, is things to order from Nicole Mallalieu. I might get rid of that list because I have most of it now - just the hat pattern to go. I need to put more things on there, though.

The idea of the whiteboard was to get it all out of my head so I could use my brain for things other than storing lists. I still have lists going on in there too. Oh, and I picked up a barrel purse pattern off my ironing board that hasn't made the list yet.. and ummm... there are more things on their way here now that also haven't made the list. Notice that neither the belt, nor the tie have made the list. Also, I want to make t-shirts for the boys. And something for me....

So Karen, I too, am a crazy, red-marker-wielding, whiteboard-using, mad-craft person! Are you going to show me yours?


  1. Ha ha - I love it - I was about to go to bed but had to come in and see this!!
    I feel so normal!
    Mine is not on a whiteboard, I'm a notebook kind of girl, will 'show you mine' tomorrow!

  2. Hey I'm a whiteboarder too but yours is so clean and ordered and neat compared to mine. I have lists and columns and circled words to high light things I REALLY have to do and arrows pointing to other things I REALLY should do and...the boards are mess but it keeps me sane(ish)!


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