Monday, 12 October 2009

Blogtoberfest - Day 12 (My Ever Growing List of Things to Do!)

I am very fortunate to have two little boys who both usually will have an afternoon nap. Things have been a little stirred up around here lately, and between trips to the hospital and the doctors, unplanned interstate trips, as well as the usual Mums' group things, and grocery shopping, etc, etc... We have kind of shaken up th eroutine a little, and as a result, I haven't really had a lot of crafting time over the past week or so. Hopefully this will soon change...

I am working on a Nicole Mallalieu Laptop Bag for my mum. Mum bought the pattern and the bits and pieces to make it. Then she asked me to do her a favour and make it for her. I said it was a deal if I can keep the pattern. Sound fair? Anyway, I am about half-way through completing the sleeve... This is on the top of my list of (crafty) things to do.

A friend from Mums' group had a baby girl about six weeks ago - so I have to make a gift for her. I have a plan, so stay tuned!

Noah's head is getting too big for his current sun hat, so I have a hat to make.

My Sister in Law has a baby boy due in only 4 weeks, so I need to make something for him too.

I bought myself some new sunglasses recently, but the case that came with them, although lovely, is a little big for my bag, so I have to make myself a sunglasses case as well.

So my list (in order of priority) is
     1. Laptop Bag
     2. Baby Girl Gift
     3. Sunglasses Case 
     4. Hat
     5. Baby Boy Gift

I have a HUGE list on the whiteboard in my sewing room of things that I want to do, but I think what I have written here is enough for the month of October. I dreamed up more ideas whilst driving up north and back so I may have to add some of those to my great big list. One of these ideas included some embellishment techniques (inspired by a dress) that I really want to try out. Nikki also blogged a tutorial on how to make a kid's belt that I want to do, and Christie also just blogged a link to a tutorial for a really cute kids tie that I now feel the need to make. If I get through my list, I may add these to it.

I really don't need to be on here, looking for inspiration right now...

What is on your LIST OF THINGS TO DO?


  1. The internet is a dangerous thing isn't it!!
    I saw those belts of Nikki's and I want to make them now!! But there are other things higher up the list that I should do first, then Christmas is looming...
    It never ends Carmel.

  2. Managing the "to do list" is a job all in itself!
    I try to keep any 'to do list' to 4 items... but now I need to work on having no more than 4 to do lists!
    Life is complicated.

  3. So many things to make and so little time is always the problem!
    I really want to get started on making handmade christmas pressies so that I don't end up in a mad panic in December.

  4. I have loads of Nicole Mallalieu projects to do, too.....


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