Saturday, 10 October 2009

My (belated) Creative Space

Okay, I know the My Creative Space thing happens on Thursdays, but I have been away from the internet for a couple of days, so I'm doing a little catch up. This would technically also be my Blogtoberfest Day Eight Post...

Anyway, I thought I would actually SHOW you my creative space. I am lucky enough to have my own sewing room, which is great, as it means that I can leave everything all set up and just shut the door. If I didn't have this, I think I would really struggle to get anything creative done at all!

So here is one corner of my sewing room, this is the part where most of the action happens. The machine on the left is my fabulous Janome 350e Embroidery machine which I purchased two years ago.. The machine in the middle is my "Globe" M-44. I earned the money to pay for this machine by working in my parents shearing shed about 18 (OMG!) years ago. I am told it is a generic-Bernina. The machine over to the right is my Janome My-Lock 134D overlocker. I sewed many a pair of school tracksuit pants for my step-daughter when I first got this machine about 10 years ago.

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  1. Oooh Carmel look at all that space - three machines set up together.
    I love having my own space but wish I had a door that closed. Now the smallest is walking so well she's about to wreak havoc I think!

  2. Oh you are so lucky to have a space to leave everything out. I know I would do a lot more sewing if I didn't have to pack up the machine for dinner every night.

  3. What a fabulous space you have. it's so nice to just be able to leave eveything out ready to go and just shut the door when necessary!

  4. What a great space, you lucky thing!!

  5. Love your space and agree totally and being able to shut the door. That's where I'm hiding now. Susan

  6. That is a lovely space you have there. I have a sewing room for myself also, but I still sometimes carry my machine downstairs, so I can be with the little ones and sew at the same time. Doesn't work that well though, I have to confess.


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