Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I Love My Local Library


We go on a weekly basis. They have a storytime session twice a week, which the kids love, and we also usually take home a stack of books for them to read.

Sometimes I get something for me too. It's tricky for me to browse with the kids there, so my books are often reserved for me behind the counter. If there is a book I am interested in, I can check the catalogue on-line and see if it is available.


Inspired by Sally's post about this little guy - I reserved a copy of Pip's book. They don't actually have it at my library (which, in my opinion, has a serious lack of craft books) but another library in the network had it, so it somehow made it's way to my library where I can pick it up.


There is heaps of inspiration here - I recently borrowed a copy of Sew Liberated and there was another clock project that I found equally inspiring. So whilst I might not make this exact project, I do see a clock in my future...


I also might not make backgammon as such, but maybe some other board game? Something the kids can play?

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  1. I'm so looking forward to seeing your bear :) Another cousin for Morris and Merv perhaps?


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