Sunday, 2 October 2011

Ottobre Striped T-Shirt


This is the striped t-shirt from Ottobre 4/2007. My mum loaned me her cover-stitch machine, so I have been doing a little stretch sewing. This one has a nice placket-type detail in the back so it is easy to get on and off with just one snap. It also matches her stripy leggings. Nice for going under some of her summery dresses so she can wear them before she out-grows them.


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  1. What a cute top, I love the detail on the back.

  2. Just so cute! Can I ask a quick question? Is the neck done with ribbing, like what you can buy at Spotlight? I'm just new to stretch sewing. thanks Rachel

  3. Gorgeous top and gorgeous girl! I love the detail on the back.

  4. What a cute t-shirt. Ottobre's always have such nice details.

    (I wish my mum had a cover-stitch machine!)

  5. I loved making kids clothes in knits - they make up so quickly and easily.
    I'm dropping by from the blogtober list to say "Hi" and good luck with a month of blogging.

  6. Oh so lovely... and to have access to a cover-stitch machine... tell me more!


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