Friday, 14 October 2011

Red Leather Spec Case


If you are looking for a project that provides instant gratification, look no further than Nikki's Spectacle case from the book You Sew, Girl! I made one last night in leather (rather than felt), and I am very happy with the result.


The flex frame is easy to install and provides quick, one-handed access to my sunnies.


There is no lining, so it goes together very quickly.


Most of my time spent at the machine was working out tricky, sewing machine related things like tension and pressure, and how to avoid nasty feed-dog track marks on my leather.

The spec case itself went together in minutes!


I am getting better at this industrial machine thing. I do need to work on my back-stitching though. It's still a bit wonky.


Now that I have that under my belt, it's time to make the City Bag in denim with some Ink & Spindle embellishment. I will do it on the industrial machine - with denim I can unpick if I need without leaving holes in my fabric.


  1. Very snazzy! I've been wanting to get myself an industrial sewing machine and play with leather... hmmm.. I might be coming to you for advice when I do :)

  2. Hooray!! All done and looking fabulous!

  3. Such a fabulous red leather... ooo... getting excited to see the bag.


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