Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My Vegie Garden


Welcome to my vegie garden, come and take a look...


Liam and I spent yesterday afternoon planting vegetables in the garden. We started with the blueberry bush, which we planted right where I said I would, which technically isn't in the vegie garden at all. You will notice that I haven't gotten around to removing those weeds yet - all in good time!


Before we got started, I did a bit of reading about companion planting. Tomatoes and basil are good companions, so I will be planting some basil in the pockets near the tomatoes. Tomatoes and strawberries are bad companions for Broccoli, so I planted the broccoli at the other end of the garden bed. Mint is a good companion for broccoli so I planted it nearby. Corn and tomatoes share the same kind of pests, so are best not planted near each other.


I planted corn in the other bed, between the peas and the beans, which are good companions for corn. With the corn, there really was only enough room for eight (or less, they are a bit close together) and there were 60 seeds in the packet, with three years until the use-by date, so I planted two per hole. I figure we pull the weaker of the two after they germinate?

You can see that I have placed a board across the bed. I have planted carrot seeds under there. Apparently this helps to germinate them evenly. I'm not sure why. Dad told me of this trick, and it says it on the seed packet as well. At least it will stop the birds from digging them up. Does anybody know if it would be a good idea to do the same with my corn?


This is the potting bench that Maxx made for me out of old pallets - isn't he clever? He also made the gate at the start of this post - you can see it in the background here. My potting bench already looks a bit like my sewing table - covered in crap!

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  1. What a lovely garden, I'm so jealous. We only have a balcony that doesn't get enough sun for any veggies.

  2. I have always wanted to start a garden but have never known where to start- so overwhelming when I think about it. Hello from Blogtoberfest and GOOD JOB to you!


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