Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Resistance is futile!


I became really excited when I saw that the next Aneela Hoey fabric line for Moda was going to be based around my favourite little fairytale girl, Little Red Riding Hood. I really like her girl on a tree-swing from the Sherbet Pips range, but as yet I don't have any. The new line is called "A Walk In The Woods" and is due for release in February or March.


I became even more excited when Amy Badskirt told me that Quilt-Jane had pre-cuts in her store. The prices are also AWESOME! I couldn't decide between the jelly roll or the layer cake. I put one of each in my basket and they both sat there for a weekend whilst I ummed and ahhed and finally decided I had to have both.


They are destined for a quilt (and probably some other things...?) for Amélie's room.


  1. Yep, (un)fortunately my kid has seen this at GJ's and resistance is futile....

  2. It is gorgeous. Stunning. Lovely. You're so right. Resistance was futile.

  3. Glad they arrived. Can hardly wait to see what you will make with them.


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