Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Super Hero Capes


I made these superhero capes for some of my nephews. I've made some for my boys before and they are very popular and get lots of use, so hopefully their cousins will like them too. I'm a bit unsure what to make for their older cousins, but they won't be down until after Christmas so I have a bit of time up my sleeve. The pencil rolls last year seemed to go down well, and I know they are all still using their car-bags.


The super hero emblems this time, were a collaboration between myself and Maxx. Maxx wanted to be a part of the process and design the emblems himself. I really do have trouble leaving something like that entirely to someone else, it's the control-freak in me. But they were mostly his design with a bit of a tweak here and there from me.


Noah wants me to make super-hero capes for Uncle Ben and Uncle Al, too. If only I had all the time and money and resources to make everything I wanted to before Christmas...


Anyway, I'd better get back to it, there are still plenty of Christmas gifts still to make!


  1. How old are the older cousins? Would they like the earphone cases that were on pinkchalk the other day? Seems like a good gift idea since so many things need earphones these days and they can attach them to their keys?

  2. These capes are fantastic, the emblems really finish them off. Can see why they are a hit!
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  3. I love the super hero capes... so cute!! I really want to make one for my little man, he's just starting to get into the super hero thing :) Too much fun!!


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