Monday, 19 December 2011

With Bells on their Toes


I spent a fair amount of time last year trawling Etsy and Made-It, looking for just the right pattern to make some lovely elf-stockings. This year, I googled, and found this amazing free tutorial.


Instead of the appliqué monogram in the tutorial, I used my embroidery machine to put their names on felt, which I then appliquéd onto the stocking with blanket stitch. In addition to the instructions, I also added some bells to the toes, which I think adds a nice festive touch. Despite the fiddly-ness of the operation, I think sewing on 18 little pompoms was well worth the effort.


I also added a lining. The original pattern has no lining, so the stuffing is accessible at the bottom of the stocking. I used the stocking pattern to fashion a lining, chopping it off just below the ankle and adding a bit of a rounded edge. I stuffed the toe before adding the lining to the inside of the stocking. I basted the top edges of the lining and stocking outer before adding the cuff. You could still pull the lining out, but not the stuffing, which is what I wanted to achieve. I also under-stitched the lining so that stays nice and neat and doesn't pop out of the top of the stocking.


They have Noah's approval: "I really do luff it a lot".

Hopefully they will get used for many years to come.


  1. Naaaw, they're adorable, no wonder he luffs it! ;)

  2. Your stockings look fantastic! I wish I had made mine but I procrastinated so long my Mum got in first and bought the kids some. I also not long ago realised where you live after reading your show post, we didn't brave the rain but watched the fire works from our house. :)

  3. I luff them too ! Thanks so much for linking and playing along .


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